About Aircraft Terminal-C

Explore a great dining experience with an entirely different ambience and the look & feel of an actual aircraft. Terminal C is a multi-cuisine restaurant uniquely designed for a luxurious experience.All you have to do is just drive to NH-1, G.T. Karnal Road for an intimate get together or a family event. You can also opt for Private Dining Rooms for a group of 10-50 people along with live bands on request. Dine comfortably in our lounge chairs, fully air-conditioned restaurant and enjoy world-class hospitality of our especially trained servers.

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Our Best Cuisines


We can not miss the taste of India when it comes to spicy and aromatic dishes. Best use of all types of spices, chillies and herbs to leave you licking your fingertips.


Dishes of French, Spanish and Italian cuisines, all come under the continental cuisines. You get a major type of variety in this cuisine and the taste is unmatchable.

South Indian

South Indian dishes are known for their taste maintaining the health benefits. It’s perfect for those who eat for taste and want to go for healthy dishes altogether.


Chinese cuisine is probably the most popular in the world. It is a spice garden that mostly contains noodle dishes, spring rolls, Manchurian, several fried rice variations and the list goes on.


The mainstay in this cuisine is Pizza, pasta, tomatoes, cheese that can be flavoured with oregano, basil or other organic herbs.


For those who miss the tasty food to maintain their health, we have the perfect food for you. The key ingredients are basic food such as olive oil, fresh vegetables, fruits and wheat.

Our Menu

Food available on ALA CART basis.

Private dining rooms available.

Fully sanitized

Fully air-conditioned

Multi-Cuisine restaurant

Live music on request for 10-50 people.

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