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What's new at
Jurasik Park Inn 2023?

Jurasik Park Inn has got some great news for you regarding the NEW attractions and facilities. On the fun part, now you can walk in the sky, ride like the thunder, and go crazy with our two new high-speed tunnels with twists and turns. Oh! We also got something lovely for your kids: a high curtain of water that gets your children intrigued to cross it again and again!

Bungee Jumping

We are introducing our first-ever bungee jump with variations of 165 feet for adults and 55 feet for children. It features a triangle platform, allowing you to jump from the corners. Alleviating hesitation and fears commonly associated with traditional platforms.

Launcher for Thunder

Jurasik Park Inn introduces you to our new attraction “Launcher for Thunder”! Swoop down from a 43 feet high straight slide into a transparent, 850-mm-wide loop. Enjoy the see-through as you move like the thunder.

900mm EN High speed body slide

The slide is about 0.9 meters wide and as high as 43 feet, and it’s designed to be very safe and fun for you to enjoy. Break the limits with our new 900mm EN high-speed body slide with international standard of safety so you can enjoy without a hitch!

850 Tunnel turning slide

Imagine a slide that’s shaped like a long, curving tunnel with twists and turns. You slide down from a height of 43 feet, and it feels like you’re riding through a dark, exciting rollercoaster! Our new 850mm wide tunnel slide is not only fun but also safe.

96" Family slide

Family members were having a decent amount of fun, so we thought, why don’t we get extra slides for them? So, we just bought a new family slide measuring 96 inches (8 feet) wide and 17 feet in height. Enjoy our Jurasik Water Park with all your family and create fun memories together.

Kids Tods

Your toddlers and children will enjoy our 10-5 feet high weeping water. It’s our new attraction with an arc structure and nodes that are inwardly directed, which creates a curtain of water sprinkles. Kids will pass through this arc loop as they get a sprinkle of cool water on their faces.


Wondered what it feels like to walk in the sky? We have got you this super crazy, clean, and transparent glass bridge on which you can walk, but way up at a height, giving you the thrills and goosebumps, but don’t worry; it’s not fragile and meets all the safety standards.

Centralized AC Locker & Costume Area

Jurasik Park Inn introduces you to our new centralized AC, locker, and costume area. That means all these facilities will be in one place, so you don’t have to visit different spots to find all of them.

I visited the park for the very first time and the people and crowd was amazing. People were very loving and supportive. They had 4 different pools so even when there are lots of people, it was easy to enjoy

- Vibhu(GuduBhaiya)

I visited here with my whole family. It was my son who insisted on coming here. I really enjoyed it here, the place is absolutely amazing and they have a separate pool for kids so I don't have any worries for my kids as well. Great hospitality and staff.

- Rubal Dhankar

I visited Jurasik Park with my husband. Their hospitality was amazing and we enjoyed various rides there. Waves pool and Giant Wheel is my favorite. I will definitely visit Jurasik again.

- Deepika Sehrawat

My wife and I enjoyed alot at Jurasik Park. There are so many rides and so many pools that you could chill in. The food was also delicious. My favorite from all the activities would be Go-Karting.

- Ravinder Kuhar (Mr. India 2017)

I came Jurasik Park Inn with team for a shoot and you will find great hospitality there. There so many rides and slides to enjoy. My friends and I had enjoyed alot there and they were supportive when we were shooting.

- Jai Batra (Jai Puru)

Went to Jurasik park with my complete family and the best part is a separate pool for family and kids. Kids had fun in their own separate pool and guards were there all the time to take care of the safety.

- Rakesh Jha

I went off with my friends on a long weekend. We had a great day there as the food was delicious and the rides were really awesome. I went to a horror house and 7D theatre for the first time and my experience was quite good. Will come again for sure.

- Sumit Bhyan

I came here with my kids and enjoyed a lot. My kids were very happy to visit here and they want to come here again. The food was very good and I loved the slides and a special different pool for kids.

- Nisha Lamba

Visited Jurasik Park this weekend and has a blast. The Rides were really amazing, apart from that I advise everyone to try 7D theatre.

- Shivam

I came here with my friends and family. The park has many pools and the rides were really amazing. We all had a blast there. I recommend everyone should definitely go to Jurasik Park Inn.

- Pankaj - Baklol Channel

I went to Jurasik Park with my mom, brother and mama. All enjoyed there. We played in the pool and the food was very tasty. I will come to Jurasik Park again.

- RidhuPidhu

I came here with all my friends and cast. My friends and I were working all day in the park and the complete staff was very helpful and supportive during the whole time. Loved the place.

- Sahiba