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Top 7 Reasons Why Should Plan School Trip At Water Park In Delhi NCR?


A school picnic trip is one of the best times of your life when you create memories and bond with your classmates. With so many options in Delhi NCR, choosing a perfect destination for a school picnic can be daunting. However, a water park is a great picnic spot in Delhi for school students. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 reasons why a water park is a perfect spot for a school picnic.

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  1. A Perfect Summer Trip Spot

If you’re planning a summer trip, then a water park is one of the best places to plan your trip. This is an excellent way to beat the summer heat. As we all


know, Delhi is famous for summer and winter, and a water park offers a refreshing escape. Jurasik Park Inn is the best water park in Delhi NCR provides a wide range of water-based attractions, such as slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers that are perfect for cooling off and having fun. During the hot summer, kids will love the water park trip.

  1. Exciting Experience For Students

Another reason why a water park is the best place for picnics is it offers a unique and exciting experience for students. Most students hardly visit a water park, so it is an excellent opportunity for them to try something new and create lasting memories. A water park comes with a lot of exciting attractions and thrilling activities suitable for all ages, meaning that everyone can have fun. There are designated areas for kids and adults to play and have fun, so you have to pay attention to guidelines and instructions. You can also ask Instructors if you have any doubts.

  1. Excellent Picnic Spot In Delhi

A water park is an excellent picnic spot in Delhi for school students. Jurasik Park Inn water park has ample space for picnics and also offers designated picnic areas. This is one one the biggest water park in Delhi NCR where all students can make the most of their day. Picnicking at the biggest water park is a great way to enjoy a day out with friends while also taking advantage of the park amenities.

  1. Safe Environment

A water park offers a safe and controlled environment. In the water park, you can find trained lifeguards on duty, and all attractions are regularly inspected to ensure that they are safe for use. At Jurasik Park Inn, we come up with strong and tight security, safety measures, and instructors. This means that parents can feel secure sending their children to a water park for a school picnic trip, knowing that they will be in a safe environment.


  1. Boost Physical Activity

A water park is full of kinds of activities that boost physical activity. This is the best place to encourage physical activity for students. Many students spend most of their day sitting in class, so a day at the best water park in Delhi NCR offers a chance to get active and have fun. The water will have a range of attractions that require physical activity, such as a pool, climbing walls, and obstacle courses.

  1. A Place To Socialize

Many students are shy and don’t socialize with other students that much, therefore a water park can be an excellent opportunity for students to socialize and bond with their classmates. A water park has lots of fun activities that encourage kids to open up. A day at a water park offers a chance to make new friends, boost existing friendships and create a lasting memory. This makes a water park the best picnic spot in Delhi for school students.

  1. Affordable

Jurasik Park Inn is an affordable water park option for a school picnic trip. Here, you can get a discount on booking a complete water park school students’ picnic trip package. This way schools can save money on entry tickets and food. Parents will also be able to send their kids on the picnic trip because the ticket prices are affordable.

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Wrapping Up

A water park in Delhi NCR is the best place to plan a picnic trip for school students. It has one of the best attractions, exciting fun activities, delicious food, and much more. Students will enjoy the best fun experience in the water park and will create the best memories of their childhood.


Apart from many other reasons above, affordability is the best reason because it does not put any financial pressure on parents for a picnic trip. Summer is around the corner, so when are you planning a school trip to Jurasik Park Inn’s water park?