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Top 5 Water Park Activities For Kids In Delhi NCR That They Will Love!

water coasters, here are the top 5 water park activities for kids in Delhi NCR that they will love!

Wave Pool

A wave pool is a large pool that generates waves. These waves can be small and gentle enough for children to play in, or they can be large enough to swim against, like you would in the ocean. Wave pools are a great activity for kids of all ages, as the waves are usually not too strong. It’s a perfect place for your little ones to build their confidence in the water, as well as improve their swimming skills. A wave pool is a great place for your kids to make new friends too in water parks in Delhi! The wave pool gives you a feeling of being on a beach and you may also find some sun bathing chairs beside the wave pool to give this feeling a real touch.

Kids Pool

Kids pools are smaller pools that are usually located near the wave pool. They are the perfect place for the little ones to splash around, climb in and out of, and play with friends. Kids pools are a great place for parents to relax while their children play, as they are usually located a bit away from the more ‘adventurous’ activities at the water park. Kids pools are the safest as the length is less than knee even. Children that splash while sitting in the pool and can also try small rides made out of a jungle theme.

Video Games

Video games are a great way to keep your teens entertained while at the water park. They can be found in most water parks and come in many different styles and themes. From shooting games to racing games, there is something for everyone. Video games offer great variation and are a fun way to keep your teens active while at the water park. Apart from video games, there could be other activities as well like

— horror house, 7D theatre and mountain climbing. You kids can try and make it more thrilling.

Rain Dance

A rain dance is a great activity for children to participate in at the water park. The rain dance is a large water sprinkler that can be found in many different water parks. It is a great activity to get the kids (and maybe even the adults) giggling and laughing as they dance under the water sprinkler. A rain dance is a great way for kids to cool off during the hotter parts of the year when water parks are open.

Crazy slides

Crazy slides are large slides that you ride on your back, belly, or feet first. Crazy slides are great for all ages, as they are not too high off the ground. They are a great way to take in the sights of the water park while having a bit of fun, as they go over many different areas of the water park. Crazy slides are a fun and adventurous activity for kids of all ages, as well as adults! There are numerous slides that gives a different and

unique experience. Straight slides that are very speedy, while Droombox passes you through a tunnel and drops you in water at 90 degrees.


There are many different water park activities for kids in Delhi NCR. From lazy rivers to crazy slides, there is something for everyone. A water park is an exciting day out for the family and a great way for kids to make new friends too! The park is not just suitable for kids but for people of any age or generation.