The Ultimate Water Park Checklist: 9 Essential Items to Bring With You

Families, groups of friends, and thrill-seekers who want to cool off and have fun often go to water parks. Whether you’ve been to a water park before or not, it’s important to be ready for your day there. With so much to do and see, you don’t want to be without the things you need. So, we made the ideal water park checklist with the top 9 must-haves for a fun-filled day at a water park.

We have everything you need, from safety from the sun to food and drinks. So, let’s get started and make sure you have everything you need for a day of fun in the sun!

Sun Protection 

A water park’s fun feels amazing. However, sun protection is crucial. The most important thing is sunscreen. It prevents sunburn and damage. Apply sunscreen liberally, especially after swimming, with an SPF of at least 30.

Sunglasses are another must-have for water parks. They’re stylish and shield your eyes from UV rays. Eye fatigue, headaches, and temporary vision loss can result from improper eyewear.

A water park hat or visor is also essential. It shields your face and scalp from sunburn. A simple item can boost sun protection.

Finally, pack a lightweight sun protection shirt or cover-up. This protects against sun damage and swimsuit friction. It can also complement your swimsuit!

Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a cap or visor, and a cover-up or lightweight clothing. You can enjoy a day at the water park without worrying. Sunscreen should be reapplied frequently, especially after swimming or sweating.

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Comfortable clothing and footwear

To enjoy the water park, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Swimwear that fits correctly and stays in place is essential.

Some water park areas are slippery, so wear water shoes or sandals with high traction. Avoid slipping and falling, which could ruin your day.

Wear a lightweight, breathable cover-up or shirt to protect your skin from the sun and add coverage while wandering around the park. Choose comfortable, functional attire to avoid overheating and sunburn.

For UV protection, wear a rash guard or swim shirt. Wear a light cotton shirt to stay cool. Make sure it’s comfortable and lets you move.

Waterproof phone case or pouch

It’s useful to bring your phone to the water park, but keep it dry. Protect your phone from spills and splashes with a waterproof phone case or pouch. A waterproof case lets you snap spectacular water park images and movies without worry.

Imagine filming yourself going down a water slide into the pool or snapping a photo with friends under a large bucket of water! Before going to the park, make sure the case or pouch fits your phone.

Cash and ID

Bring cash, even though most water parks have electronic payment systems. You could need it for a locker or snack. In emergencies, carry identification. Your ID can help park personnel, and emergency responders identify you and contact your family if you get lost or sick. Waterproof wallets and pouches can protect your cash and ID at the water park.

Water Bottles 

Water bottles help you stay hydrated at the water park. Staying hydrated while having fun in the sun is vital for your health. Dehydration can induce headaches, dizziness, and exhaustion, ruining your park day. You can always have water by bringing your own bottles. To avoid spills and losing water, choose bottles with secure caps.


Towels are essential, whether going down a water slide, lazing by the pool, or grabbing a quick snack. If you plan on sleeping in the shade, a towel might serve as a makeshift blanket or pillow. You can use a towel to dry off to prevent getting chilled or sick after getting out of the water. Towels can be rented at some water parks, but they tend to be quite pricey, so visitors are encouraged to bring their own.

Snacks and drinks

Eating and drinking at the water park is crucial because you’ll be quite active. Bring snacks and drinks to the park to save money and guarantee you have what you like. Granola bars, trail mix, and fruit make terrific snacks, while water and sports drinks keep you hydrated. Check with the water park beforehand to see if they allow outside food and drinks, as some have limits.

Change of clothes

Water parks require a change of clothes. After a day of swimming and water rides, your wet clothes may feel unpleasant. Changing into dry clothes can rejuvenate and energise you. If you have plans after the water park, bring a change of clothes. Pack light, breathable clothes to avoid feeling sticky. Bring a plastic bag to keep wet clothes and other items dry.

Plastic Bags 

At the water park, plastic bags can be useful. A plastic bag can separate wet and dry clothes after a water ride. Clean up with a plastic bag. If the benches or chairs are wet, use a plastic bag as a cushion to avoid getting wet. To help the environment, properly dispose of plastic bags.

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With this ultimate water park checklist, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way. Remember to pack sunscreen, comfortable clothing and footwear, a waterproof phone case, cash and ID, water bottles, towels, snacks and drinks, a first aid kit, a change of clothes, and plastic bags. With these essential items in tow, you should be able to enjoy a fun and stress-free day at the water park.

Keep in mind that different water parks may have different rules and regulations, so be sure to check their website or contact them directly for any additional items that may be required or prohibited. With proper planning and preparation, your Jurasik Water Park adventure will surely be memorable.