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Address: NH 44, GT-Karnal Road, Near Murthal Sonipat Haryana -131021.

Timings: 10:30am – 6:30pm (all days)

+91- 88823 88843

Thrilling Place to Visit

Jurasik Park Inn: Thrilling Place to Visit

The adventure parks in Delhi NCR are amongst the best across the world and they are a finest escape from the summer heat as they offer a peaceful surrounding with some thrilling entertainment. There are several options available in the capital city and it becomes very confusing as to which is the best water park in Delhi NCR. However, one of the best adventure and water parks is Jurasik Park Inn. Visiting these parks is an exciting adventure but selecting the rides again becomes perplexing as covering the entire park in a day is not possible.

Some factors that should be kept in mind while visiting an adventure park are as follows:

  • Get The Tickets Booked Online: There are long queues outside the amusement parks in Delhi NCR. So, it is suggested to get the tickets booked online to avoid last minute hassle and waste your precious time standing in the queues, which might take hours before you can reach the counter. The tickets can be booked from the official website of the parks. At times there are offers available, which are not there if you buy the tickets from the window.
  • Carry Backpacks: Carrying a backpack is an incredible way of travelling through the parks. You can zip up all your essentials tightly and even if you get wet, your belongings in the bag will be dry and kept safe. You need the bag for a change of clothes, glares, and additional small items and if your children are old enough they can carry their own backpacks.
  • Choose The Right Weather: In summers Delhi is pretty warm, humid during monsoons and very cold in winters. If you visit the adventure parks in Delhi NCR in winters make sure to carry jackets or sweaters as it really gets cold in the evenings. Lightweight clothing is recommended in extreme summers. Do not forget your sunscreen lotions. Your footwear should be appropriate as you have to walk a lot in biggest water park in Delhi, i.e. Jurasik Park Inn.
  • Carry Few Snacks: If you do not want your visit to the best water park in Delhi NCR expensive, it is advisable that you carry a few snacks. The adventure parks in Delhi can fall expensive. Carry adequate water so that you and your family members do not get dehydrated.
  • Gather All The Necessary Information: Find out in advance about the different rides, attractions, activities, and water sports, so that you do not waste time over there. Check out as to which ride is suitable according to the age, weight, height and other medical restrictions for rides, and activities. Chart out a proper list as to where all you want to go as it is not possible to explore every nook and corner of ex to avoid upsetting the faces of anybody in your group or family. Make a to-do list as it is not possible to explore every nook and corner of the biggest water park in Delhi in a single day.

So, visit the Jurasik Park Inn, an adventure park with your family and friends, which has a variety of thrilling and exciting rides for adults and children and enjoy a day of frolicking excitement.