Health Checkup Camp At Jurasik Park Inn For Staff - Jurasik Park Inn

Jurasik Park Inn is the best place to visit in Sonipat. Our water park offers a wide range of activities and attractions for children, young adults, families, and adults alike. The park has been designed with all-inclusive facilities so that you can spend your entire holiday enjoying yourself without worrying about anything else except having fun! We have been providing exceptional services to amuse our guests and visitors over the years, which would not have been possible without the support of our strong workforce and employee family. Every employee and a staff member work every day of the week to make sure the guest returns home with a big smile on their face. Keeping this in mind, a voluntary medical health checkup camp was organized by Rama hospital on (date) at our best water park in Delhi

Why Is Employee Health Checkup Worth Doing & How It Helps?

The public service sector brings immense stress, which ultimately affects an employee’s health and gives rise to multiple diseases. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for them to maintain their health. They may need guidance and help with a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. Regular employee health checkup package helps the team to keep track of their health status and thus take precautionary steps at the right time.

The camp was held at our best water park in Delhi premises to spread general awareness about their health and wellbeing. A team of 5 medical staff from Rama hospital conducted a few Physical medical checkups like BP monitoring, heart rate, and general health screenings of every employee and the staff. General health guidelines were given by medical staff to help them keep fit & healthy as well as maintain good relations with their colleagues at the workplace.

The objective behind the camp

Regular exercise and proper nutrition, etc. lower the likelihood of becoming ill quickly due to unhealthy lifestyle practices like lack of sleep, smoking, and other activities that may result in early retirement due to illness caused by these behaviors. The employees and staff of our best water park in Delhi/NCR come into close contact with several people every day hence dual safety is essential. The primary goal of this event was to increase overall health awareness among Jurasik Park Inn employees by educating them about various diseases that can be avoided through healthy lifestyle practices.

Employee Health Checkup Benefits:

  • Lowers stress levels and enhances physical fitness 
  • Boosts wellbeing and confidence
  • Lower personal health risks and medical expenses
  • Availability of health information

Benefits of Health Checkups for Organizations:

  • Reduction in employee sick leaves due to a decrease in absenteeism
  • Improved workplace morale and greater employee satisfaction
  • Increased employee loyalty and morale
  • Productivity growth

Employees, the organization, and visitors all benefit from routine health screenings of staff members. However, the majority of personnel, including security guards, housekeepers, and cleaning staff, disregard their health and frequently live hazardous lifestyles. Being in the public sector, it is our responsibility to protect our employees so they may serve the public in the best possible way for their health and interests.

To protect the security of our guests and employees, we adhere to stringent health and sanitation regulations at our best picnic spot in Delhi. Don’t be afraid to move about when you come to visit us the next time so we can serve you as zealously as we have in the past.