An Exciting Day Out At The Best Water Park In Sonipat


Are you planning for a day out in Delhi, but couldn’t find the best place to go? How about visiting the best waterpark in Sonipat? Whether you’re in Delhi or Delhi NCR, or Haryana, our Jurasik Park Inn can be the best destination for a one-day out trip. We are located in Sonipat which may take you a few hours to reach.

Our Jurasik Park is the biggest water park in Delhi having a water park, amusement park, and adventure park. We have well designed each park to ensure complete fun, adventure and thrill for our guests. We have a designated area for children and adults as we want parents to be at ease.

If you are planning an outing in Haryana, then Jurasik Park in Sonipat could be the nearest water park in Haryana that you can visit with your family, group of friends or colleagues.

Let’s not waste time, and find out more about Jurasik Park Inn to make sure why this is the best place for an exciting day out!

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The Water Attraction Is Fabulous

The water attraction is the beauty of a water park that cools you down in summer and makes you fresh for a productive day. In Jurasik Park Inn you can find the best water attractions that leave you mesmerized.

As the best water park in Sonipat, we have designed each water activity in a beautiful and fun way that filled up you with joy and happiness. Every area of our park is so colorful and because we are theme-based we designed everything in such a way that appeals to kids as well as adults.

Your kids will like our theme-based Jurasik park water park in Haryana.  So, don’t waste time and take your kids for an exciting day out at our water park.

We Have Separate Fun Areas For Kids

Parents are scared to leave their kids in the pool and they also couldn’t enjoy it completely, that’s why we have designated fun areas for kids like Kids Pool, Rides, and more. We ensure the complete safety of kids and allow them to enjoy their day to the fullest without any fear.

Jurasik Park Inn is the biggest water park in Delhi and that’s why we have strict policies and safety measures for kids and adults too.

Explore 20+Rides, 6 Slides, And A Special Space For Hosting Events

As the best water park in Sonipat, we have something for everyone. We have over 20 rides, spectacular water slides, designated places for birthday parties, special places for events, a beach, and a hub of water fun activities.  We try to ensure a satisfactory result.

Whether you want to come for a party, organize an event, plan a family trip, office trip, or a trip for school students, we have something for everyone that makes the #1 Water park in Haryana and Delhi.

Amazing Water Activities

Who doesn’t love playing in the water? I love it, and I know you do too. Whether you want to splash straight into the water or take an exhilarating ride that throws you into the water, we’ve got a bunch of water activities for kids and adults alike. This includes Wave Pool, Kids Pool, Spin and Whirl, Drum Box, Family Pool and Straight Slide. Thus, you can imagine how much fun it is going to be to visit the biggest water park in Delhi.

A Natural Waterfall

A waterfall coming from a 70-foot height with rapid speed will cool your body and mind. You don’t need to go too far to see and get wet in the natural waterfall, just visit one of the best waterparks in Sonipat.

Affordable Entry Fees

We value our guests and their money, hence, we make sure that they enjoy their day at our water park in Haryana at the best price as compared to any other place. We charge an affordable entry fee which depends on the age or height and also on the days. We offer a transparent entry fee and no hidden costs. Our food too starts at a pocket-friendly cost.

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It is really important to take a day out to relax your body and mind and a water park is the best solution for that. It relaxes your body and mind, gives you time for your loved ones, and freshens you up for a productive day. Enjoy your day with your family and friends and relax at our biggest Water park in Delhi.