Address: NH 44, GT-Karnal Road, Near Murthal Sonipat Haryana -131021.

Timings: 10:30am – 6:30pm (all days)

+91- 88823 88843



If you are looking for a non-stop thrill and adventurous day out. Jurasik Park Inn is a perfect getaway for you. Performing these activities will help you to unleash creativity and strength with the understanding of team spirit. The best adventure park in Delhi NCR is managed by a team of professionals for your safety. You can also play volleyball, basketball, cricket, and badminton. We have something special for everyone.

Best Adventure Park in Delhi NCR

If you are looking for one day adventure trip near Delhi then Jurasik Park Inn is perfect gateway for you. It has come up with amazing adventurous activities in Delhi NCR for everyone who has crazy love for adventure sports. So, to experience the best thrilling adventure activities you must visit Jurasik Park Inn and you will consider it to be one of the best adventure places in Delhi. These activities will help to unleash the creativity and understand the importance of teamwork. The adventure area is managed and supervised by a team of professionals who take care of safety aspects. Few fun activities are Rifle Shooting, Archery, Burma Bridge & there many more to experience.

It is the Best Adventure Park In Delhi NCR which has fun activities along with water park, amusement park, go karting, zipline, etc.


The Burma rope bridge is the classic rope walking activity for thrill-seekers. It involves a thick rope on the base to walk upon, and then two ropes on the sides to hold and walk from one end to another.



It’s not technically difficult but the step drops and open cliffs make the walk very tricky. It has more moving parts in the block, but to start, the blockers need to be positioned & tighten themselves to make it.



Just remember, you can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb a little himself. The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.



Our net adventure is the newest and most exciting adventure concept. The wobbly tyres and high net provides a challenging piece of equipment designed to be part of an assault course. Great for children and adults alike.



Children will love to practice their gymnastics skills on the Single Balance Beam as they take their turns to go from one end to another



Playing darts is a good way to have fun. Knowing how to throw a dart is a pioneer skill to have. Before you send that dart flying through the air on its journey you need to have a good grip on the dart.



It will be a live show where our magician will entertain the audience with seemingly impossible actions and will leave you surprised and he can also do some of his magic tricks on you.



Compete with your friends who can throw the ball far away. Track and field is the place where you can throw stuff for distance as a real sport. Easy and quick to perform for an individual, with the equipment



We have a small trampoline for kids where they can enjoy jumping without any fear of danger.



A shooting sport is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using gun. The shooting sports are categorized by the type of firearm, targets, and distances at which the targets are shot.



You can play volleyball with your friends and family. Divide the group into two and pass the ball through the high net in the opposite team court.



We also have a basketball net for those interested in basketball. Gather your friends and let's see who score the highest.



It is a racquet game which we will provide. Two- four people can have fun and do a healthy competition of who hits the shuttlecock across the net.



There is no fun when there is no music and dancing. At Jurasik Park Inn, we play non-stop music all day long for you. Thus, it is a good time to dance all day long

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Real People, Real Reviews

Vibhu (GudduBhaiya)

I visited the park for the very first time and the people and crowd was amazing. People were very loving and supportive. They had 4 different pools so even when there are lots of people, it was easy to enjoy

Rating-Stars - Vibhu(GuduBhaiya)
Rubal Dhankar

I visited here with my whole family. It was my son who insisted on coming here. I really enjoyed it here, the place is absolutely amazing and they have a separate pool for kids so I don't have any worries for my kids as well. Great hospitality and staff.

Rating-Stars - Rubal Dhankar
Deepika Sehrawat

I visited Jurasik Park with my husband. Their hospitality was amazing and we enjoyed various rides there. Waves pool and Giant Wheel is my favorite. I will definitely visit Jurasik again.

Rating-Stars - Deepika Sehrawat
Ravinder Kuhar

My wife and I enjoyed alot at Jurasik Park. There are so many rides and so many pools that you could chill in. The food was also delicious. My favorite from all the activities would be Go-Karting.

Rating-Stars - Ravinder Kuhar (Mr. India 2017)
Jai Batra

I came Jurasik Park Inn with team for a shoot and you will find great hospitality there. There so many rides and slides to enjoy. My friends and I had enjoyed alot there and they were supportive when we were shooting.

Rating-Stars - Jai Batra (Jai Puru)
Rakesh Jha

Went to Jurasik park with my complete family and the best part is a separate pool for family and kids. Kids had fun in their own separate pool and guards were there all the time to take care of the safety.

Rating-Stars - Rakesh Jha
Sumit Bhyan

I went off with my friends on a long weekend. We had a great day there as the food was delicious and the rides were really awesome. I went to a horror house and 7D theatre for the first time and my experience was quite good. Will come again for sure.

Rating-Stars - Sumit Bhyan
Nisha Lamba

I came here with my kids and enjoyed a lot. My kids were very happy to visit here and they want to come here again. The food was very good and I loved the slides and a special different pool for kids.

Rating-Stars - Nisha Lamba

Visited Jurasik Park this weekend and has a blast. The Rides were really amazing, apart from that I advise everyone to try 7D theatre.

Rating-Stars - Shivam
Pankaj - Baklol Channel

I came here with my friends and family. The park has many pools and the rides were really amazing. We all had a blast there. I recommend everyone should definitely go to Jurasik Park Inn.

Rating-Stars - Pankaj - Baklol Channel

I went to Jurasik Park with my mom, brother and mama. All enjoyed there. We played in the pool and the food was very tasty. I will come to Jurasik Park again.

Rating-Stars - RidhuPidhu

I came here with all my friends and cast. My friends and I were working all day in the park and the complete staff was very helpful and supportive during the whole time. Loved the place.

Rating-Stars - Sahiba