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5 Reasons Why Water Park Is The Best Place To Beat The Heat


You might not need any reasons to visit a Water Park in Delhi during the Summer season. When it’s summer, you cannot deny the cool and fun water activities, water slides, and the rain in the water park where you dance. But, have you ever thought that a water park can be a good place in winter as well? Yes it can be, all you need is nice sunny weather and you are ready to go to enjoy your day at Jurassic Park Inn Water Park.

Irrespective of the season of winter or summer, we are going to give you the 5 most valuable reasons to enjoy your day at water park. Read on.

5 Reasons to Visit Water Parks in Delhi

I.Family Time, Me Time, or Quality Time-Everything at One Place

Water Parks are one place for all. Whether you’re planning to visit Jurasik Park Inn Water Park in Delhi with your family, as a couple, or alone, you can enjoy your day completely. In the water park, you can find lots of water activities to enjoy with your kids and family. On the other hand, if you’re looking to relax from your daily busy schedule, relaxing in the pool or at the poolside on the beach cannot be better than anything else.

For couples, nothing can be more romantic than a pool and waterfall, where you can make the most of your quality time with your partner.

  1. It Makes You Cool When You’re Too Hot

It’s the summer that attracts you to the pool. The heat and humidity of the sun can make you feel the need to cool down. Jurasik Park Inn in Delhi is one of the best waterparks in Delhi NCR where you can do the most amazing and cool water activities. The cool water activities and fun are the only things you need in summer. Enjoy our water park with your family, friends, and colleagues.

  1. Bunch of Fun Activities For All Ages

At Jurasik Park Inn, we have thrilling and exciting water activities for all ages. Our pools are designed according to guest’s age and depth. It means kids and adults can enjoy swimming in their own areas.

We have a beautiful waterfall where you can experience the natural waterfall in the water park in Delhi.

Don’t forget to explore the family pool. Where you can take your family with you. The rain dance activity is perfect for a dance lover who has always wanted to dance in the rain. Drumbox Ride is an amazing water ride that splashes you straight into the water in circular motion.

All-in-all, our activities are full of fun and thrill, but we also ensure the safety of the kids.

  1. What’s More Exciting Than a Water Slide

We have the biggest waterslide in our Jurasik Park Inn. Our different water slide activities are all about fun and enjoyment. Our Wave Pool, Spin and Whirlpool, Drum Box, and Straight Slide from a top height give you the frightening and delightful experience of the water slide.

We have several water activities that you and your kids can explore. Our water slides are perfectly meant for kids and adults, however, there are some instructions and guidelines on the few activities. So, make sure to read the instructions if you’re bringing your kids with you on water slides.

  1. Something for Everything- A Perfect Place for All Season

As the best water park in Delhi NCR, we have something for everyone. We have designed our water activities, and pools according to the age and height of the people. It helps you to enjoy the pool and exciting water activities in your comfort zone. We also have our family pool where you can enjoy and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Our poolside beach is the perfect place for a sunny day in winter, where you can sunbathe and feel like you’re in goa.

We have the best waterfall in Delhi where you can get a natural waterfall experience without visiting Karnataka.

All this amazing fun at the least cost possible. We care about the customers and think about their pockets, and that’s why we have the best package that fits your budget.


To enjoy the water park, all you need is a sunny day in winter, and when it is summer, there is no worry about the weather as it is warm outside most of the time. Jurasik Park Inn is one of the best water parks in Delhi where you can enjoy your one-day weekend with your family, friends, and loved ones or alone. Just put your essentials in the bag like your sunglasses, and a sun-screen cream and you are good to go.