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As the temperature rises, water parks become an appreciated destination for groups of friends, families, and thrill-seekers trying to escape the summer heat. Water parks with various water rides and attractions can be found across Delhi NCR. While water rides can be thrilling and exciting, safety should always be the top priority.

To protect their patrons, water parks implement many safety procedures. These safety measures include imposing height and weight restrictions for specific rides, constantly keeping trained and qualified lifeguards on duty, doing routine maintenance checks on the rides and equipment, and more. Additionally, guests are given safety instructions and guidelines by water parks; it is crucial that you abide by these directions to keep all people in the park safe.

In this article, we’ll look more closely at the top 5 safest water rides at water parks in Delhi, NCR.

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Top 5 safest water rides in Delhi NCR

Here are the top 5 safest water rides you can enjoy in Delhi NCR water parks:

Lazy River

One of the safest rides available, the Lazy River, is a favourite in many waterparks. The attraction has a leisurely stream that transports people in it throughout the park. All ages of swimmers may feel comfortable because the water is shallow and the current is gentle. For your safety, lifeguards are posted all around the ride, and life jackets are a must for all guests.

The amount of water and slow but steady stream fit all age groups. Lifeguards are appointed around the water track. Guests are asked to wear life jackets just to assure their safety.

The Lazy River is a great ride for families with young children, as it’s a calm and relaxing experience that everyone can enjoy.

Wave Pool

For a good reason, the Wave Pool is a popular attraction in many water parks. It simulates ocean waves and provides a delightful experience for swimmers of all ages. This ride is pretty safe, but it is critical to adhere to the rules and stay inside the specified sections.

Lifeguards monitor the water depth and wave height, and there are designated sections for swimmers of various skill levels. Non-swimmers should wear a life jacket in the wave pool to safeguard their safety.

Droom Box

A big, curved slide sends riders into a large bowl-shaped area before sending them out through a smaller tube or a hole at the center. The ride’s design is not only intended to be exhilarating but it is also intended to be safe. The bends and turns of the slide are meant to gently slow riders down, assuring a pleasant and safe ride.

Experienced lifeguards are always stationed surrounding the ride. They keep a close eye on them. The ride includes additional height and weight limitations to ensure that folks are the right size to enjoy the experience safely.

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Weeping waters

The weeping water attraction is a new and exciting addition to any water park in Delhi NCR. With its arc structure, inwardly directed nodes, and refreshing sprinkles of cool water, it’s a great way for toddlers and children to have fun in the water while staying safe.

So, pack your swimsuits and towels and head to the water park to experience the weeping water attraction for yourself.

Family pool

The family pool is a fantastic water ride that provides a safe and enjoyable experience for the entire family. It’s ideal for children, non-swimmers, and people looking to unwind and appreciate the great outdoors.

The family pool is a must-see attraction at any water park in Delhi NCR, with professional lifeguards, cool water, and a range of water features.


Although water rides can be exhilarating and fun, safety should always come first. It’s crucial to adhere to the safety precautions and directions the water park gives when visiting one in Delhi NCR.

The Jurasik water park in Delhi NCR includes the safest rides like the Wave Pool, Droom Box, Weeping Water, and Family Pool. Visitors of all ages will have a safe and enjoyable time on these rides. So go ahead, have fun on the water rides, and stay   safe!   To book   your tickets online visit: https://backup18april.jurasikparkinn.com/product/water-park-package/

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