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Amusement parks have always been a place people go to for inculcating something different in their routine. Do you want to spend a whole day on jaw dropping thrilling rides that will make you scream till your voice chords give up? Putting in hours to try the best cuisines available? It is just a normal day one will experience at an amusement park. Jurasik Park Inn is currently one of the top water parks in Delhi NCR that you might consider going to. The park is just a short drive away from home. The prices are quite reasonable as well if the bookings are made earlier on as well. This helps to take in use the discounts and offers provided by us.

Anyways after having so much fun and getting de-stressed you wouldn’t want to return home sick and spend the time in bed. Here are some of the things you can avoid while in an amusement park to avoid catching germs:

  • Avoid The Sick People In Line: People suffering from sneezing and coughing are quite common. It may be caused due to seasonal change. It’s usually the case if you are visiting an amusement park during the winter season. You should always try and keep your back to them as much as possible. Who knows how much of a careless cougher that person is? You could also politely ask them to cover properly in case you feel the need to. This will protect you and other people around them from catching the flu.
  • Shoulder Harness: This is a precaution used for the safety of the passengers on some intense rides. In most cases germs enter our bodies through eyes, mouth and nose. So, avoiding touching them would be the best if you are sitting on these rides. After the ride you could just use some hand sanitizer and then you are good to go again.
  • Having Food & Drinks: This is the most common cause of germs entering our body. You should always give a go through to the place you will be having your food from. The workers at The Jurasik Park Inn are very professionally trained and wouldn’t commit to something like this. Still, it’s always better to check for hygiene. Things like workers wearing gloves, proper storage of food and so on are very important.

. Restrooms: Another very common way of getting infected is the place you go to pee. After a whole day at the park, it’s pretty common for you to use the restroom at least once even after a lot of restraint. This has only one solution. Try to use the washroom that seems to be less busy than the others. Usually, washrooms near less popular

attractions tend to be emptier. Find the one and you are done for the day!


The above are some points that’ll ensure your happiness during and after your day at an amusement park. So don’t delay any more, search for ’Water parks near me’ and let the fun start!

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